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  1. #1 Strapped for cash, some in New Orleans stay and hope 
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    I don't know about you all, but I'd take the last dime out of my bank account to flee Gustav.

    NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (CNN) -- On a cigarette break from washing dishes in the French Quarter, Michael Kennedy swung open the door of Café Maspero, and the briny smell of raw shrimp followed him outside.

    "You gotta make as much money as you can, because when we shut down -- and we're gonna shut down -- that's it for a long while," the 26-year-old said, exhaling, a dribble of sweat rolling into his mouth.

    "The thing is," he continued, "most people don't have cars to leave, don't have money for gas. Pay for a hotel for that long? I mean, you have to do whatever you have to do, and I guess I'm gonna stay and work."

    Though Maspero wasn't doing half the business it usually does, customers were still coming in for $2 clam buckets. A few packs of tourists, identifiable by their slightly off-kilter walk and gigantic hot pink test tubes of booze, ambled down St. Louis Street, peeking into bars and asking, "You still open?"

    Most were, up until the hour that Mayor Ray Nagin told the public to run for their lives.

    "It's the storm of the century," he said.

    But Kennedy can't and others just won't leave. They are the few residents who did not make the tortoise crawl down Interstate 10 on Saturday.

    "If I left, I'll probably lose my job," said Jeremiah O'Farrell, another dishwasher who is staying put. "I really don't have anywhere to go if I could leave. I could go home, but that doesn't seem like the thing to try. Too far, I guess."

    .....More at the link
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    Sucks to be Poor...:(
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    When I bought my gas station, it was a package deal with the restaurant next door. I really had no idea what to do with a restaurant so I would lease the place out. After Katrina, it was leased by a guy from New Orleans who had owned a Cajun restaurant that had gotten completely washed away by the storm. He had been left with absolutely nothing to salvage and his insurance did not even begin to cover his losses. He swallowed hard and made the best of it with my place. He bought it from me when I closed my station down and is doing even better than he was in New Orleans and is never going back.

    So fucking what if you are poor! If you strive for it, really want it, you can do better. I never had so many options as when I was homeless. When you have nothing, you can try your hand at anything!
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    "The thing is," he continued, "most people don't have cars to leave, don't have money for gas. Pay for a hotel for that long? I mean, you have to do whatever you have to do, and I guess I'm gonna stay and work."
    ...the NO government didn't use all that money they had been given and organise some mass transit for this contingency?

    Colour me surprised...

    (and as I seem to recall, wasn't this supposed to be a MANDATORY evacuation?).

    I get told I'm a "stupid foreigner"(and man am I getting sick of it)..yet this "stupid foreigner" knows full well that if the poor don't have cars to get away from a disaster zone, we have these things called BUSES AND TRAINS and ambulances and helicopters and police cars and fire engines... hell we have a plan in place to sweep an entire city, find the homeless, throw THEM into cars and get them away.

    (Its all budgeted for..taxpayers money well spent)

    In this country, "mandatory" means "you are leaving NOW. Object and I'll arrest you and drag your sorry ass out of danger. You can thank me later..I know it's your can be rebuilt or we can get you temporary housing. You cant get out of being do you come under your own power or do I fucking CARRY you?"

    (And that conversation is practically word for word what was said to a home owner in my presence.He came quietly. His home burned down but he was alive to pick up the pieces later.)

    So why are these people still in their homes? Why is money a problem when there should be an integrated and already paid for full on evac plan?

    Am I missing something here?
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