Greetings Admins, I have a bug to report with the forums. I use the "Remember Me" option to keep me logged in from my windows laptop. I also use the "New Posts" link often throughout the day to read up and comment on current threads, without moving through the forum section by section. Normally when I click the "New Posts" link, thread titles that I've already viewed in the returned list are in a normal non-bolded font while threads that have new posts in them that I haven't seen yet are bolded. After clicking "New Posts" several times, all the thread titles become bolded whether they have new posts in them that I haven't yet read or not. The only way I can fix this, and return the thread titles to normal behavior is to delete the "cu2fourm_view" cookie, and then either refresh the page or click "New Posts" again. Then after using the "New Posts" button several more times, all thread titles become bolded again.

I'm not sure who the vendor of this forum software is, but you might want to forward this up to them.

OS: Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit
Browser: Mozilla Firefox 3.6.13

I haven't tried to reproduce this error in another browser.