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  1. #1 Bomb Scare near my office this morning 
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    My office is around the corner from the Federal Reserve Bank in Detroit, which is on E. Warren AVE. This morning, they had Warren closed off for about 3 blocks east of the bank, as the DPD/Fed security searched for more "suspicious packages". The alert is over, and the building was cleared. We were watching it all unfold from the 3rd floor windows at Juvenile Court, which is also nearby.

    The evening news will probably give the full story. They usually take suspected bombs out to Belle Isle and detonate them there. That's what they did with the package found at the McNamara building a couple of weeks ago.

    We have either a really inept terror cell here, or someone's testing the security at the federal buildings in Detroit.
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    So you didn't get any time away from work?

    What good's a bomb scare if you have to work through it.
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