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  1. #1 Sarah Palin's physical appearance is now far game... 
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    brooklynite (1000+ posts) Sun Aug-31-08 09:57 PM
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    Sarah Palin's physical appearance is now far game...
    Advertisements [?]

    Funny & rugged sides of Sarah Palin

    Did John McCain’s VP vetters see all of these?

    A slew of photos documenting Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s private life emerged Saturday, showing the many sides — some decidedly more conservative than others — of McCain’s newly minted running mate.

    There she is a college student inside her University of Idaho dorm flaunting a T-shirt with a titillating message: “I may be broke but, I’m not flat busted .”
    Another benefit of choosing Palin is that it's showing that the "progressive" male DUmmies are really pissing off the female DUmmies. :D

    Damn, they're My next link was going to be where a DUmmy says something like: "can you imagine her talking to a world leader and all they do is look at her legs and busts?"
    Now, it says this:

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    24. Deleted message
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    But you get the idea of what he said:
    PeaceNikki (1000+ posts) Sun Aug-31-08 10:34 PM
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    26. So, is any woman with "busts" and "bare legs" is excluded from the job?
    Not the Only One (390 posts) Sun Aug-31-08 10:38 PM
    Response to Reply #24
    31. that's totally sexist
    My daughter is beautiful and smart. Are you saying she can't be eligible for the presidency because male foreign leaders are heterosexual and horny? How is that her problem? he comes back to defend his words:
    jwirr (1000+ posts) Sun Aug-31-08 10:54 PM
    Response to Reply #31
    37. I am not saying anything about the woman here - more about the leaders
    who like mcgaffe cannot keep their eyes off her. That is their fault not hers.
    This is way better than the "fat" wars.
    Oh, and here is a dummy DUmmy:
    4_Legs_Good (1000+ posts) Sun Aug-31-08 10:29 PM
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    19. I don't get the T-shirt!
    I'm sorry, I must be totally stupid
    , but I don't get the joke, and I've heard many a flat-busted joke in my life.



    Hey, I tried to "review" this before "posting", and it took me like 45 minutes for the site to come back up.
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    I have no doubt that even some of the DUmmie women on DU are pleased that McCain chose Palin, they just can't say so at the DUmp. But when the "progressive" males of DU start going a bit overboard, they come out. Fun times ahead, ya'll!
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    First it was the Obaminites vs. The Clintonistas and now it's be reduced to something more basic, liberal women vs what passes for liberal men.
    Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlaGator View Post
    First it was the Obaminites vs. The Clintonistas and now it's be reduced to something more basic, liberal women vs what passes for liberal men.

    *ducks for cover*
    "I was... ordered to drop my pants, bend over and spread my cheeks."
    --RagingInMiami achieving the DUmp's highest level of nirvana
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