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    No, just sick of the birther crap. His Hawaii certificate looks just like my Indiana one, only with a green backround instead of the blue one Indiana used. All replacement certificates look like that, the states standardized them some time back. I know this from work, too, because we have to send to other states for birth certificates on a regular basis. They don't release the long form as a replacement for those who lost their originals anymore, they haven't for a very long time. Some of that may be due to identity protection, and some of it due to reducing stigma on illegetimate births. The short forms don't list how many prior births the mother had, or even whether the parents were married or not. Even into the 50s, some states were stamping the birth certificates of children born to unmarried mothers with "Bastard".
    In a lot of states you can get a certified copy of your own birth certificate by going through the process of requesting a "confidential copy". This is identical to the certificate your parents got: doctor's name, hospital, witnesses, racial information, etc.

    If you just request a regular (but legal) copy, you will get the short form. That form is adequate for I.D. purposes but has almost no information useful to genealogy which is why you have to jump through some extra hoops to get it.
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