Please read completely before responding:

If the cities of New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana have little or no damage from Gustav, and the most severe damage is limited to low-lying coastal areas and/or rural areas, then the Republican National Convention should continue on Tuesday night as scheduled. BUT the few hurricane victims that got hit really bad should NOT be forgotten. Here's how to mix the convention with the hurricane tragedy without appearing callous to the hurricane victims, and still help McCain's chances in November:

John McCain has already killed off the first night of the RNC because of Gustav. He has already displayed sensitivity to the situation, which was the right thing to do. So there's no need to cancel any more events if there's little or no damage from Gustav, as I stated above.

HOWEVER, John McCain does not have to be at the convention site until Thursday night. So, on Tuesday and Wednesday, McCain can take personal tours of the hurricane damage while the convention is proceeding as planned - with only ONE difference: Live satellite feeds can be fed into the RNC of John McCain touring the damage and visiting with hurricane victims during prime time. ALSO, McCain could offer personal financial help to a family that was victimized by Gustav to help them rebuild their damaged home during one of those live feeds. But security must be high to prevent disruptors, especially if the feed is live. If preventing disruptors becomes impossible, then these events should be taped; although live video is always preferable (just like when Obama appeared live with that midwestern family, assuming it was live and not a rehursed conversation with a tape).

This approach would enable the Republicans to still have their convention without appearing insensitive to the hurricane victims.

Any thoughts??