Like garlic and holy water to Dracula, silver to a werewolf, and Kryptonite to Superman, one thing that leftists absolutely, positively cannot stand are fair and honest elections. Indeed, it's so bad that the Democrat Party is, in many places, practically synonymous with vote fraud.

Remember them down in Florida in 2000, desperately mutilating ballots to try to get enough chads to fall out so they could claim them as votes for Gore all the while Team Gore's lawyers were busy disqualifying tens of thousands of military votes on the most spurious of technicalities? Who can forget the many...
It's seriously time for us to stand up and start supporting our representatives at the state level who are trying to put through efforts to clean up our electoral process, through measures like voter ID laws and others. We know the Left is going to fight against fair elections tooth and nail. It's time we start letting our elected officials who are trying to reform the system know that we support them.