How Big Is Your Belch?
Climate Alarmists have created dozens of websites to help you calculate your carbon footprint -- all as a basis for you feeling even more guilty about being a human being who is desecrating the planet in the 21st century (and maybe you’ll buy some carbon credits).

Well, we put all those calculations (along with the "official" government calculator at the EPA) to some good use and developed a Carbon Belch Calculator. We identified 21 things you can do to increase your Carbon Belch. It's easy. It's fun. And it’s all for the lofty goal of saving the planet. Just follow these three simple steps!

Step #1: Complete this form to calculate your one-day Carbon Belch!
(Indicate your activity for each item on Carbon belch Day)

1. Miles you will drive on Carbon Belch Day # of miles

2. Super-cool your house (turn A/C down 5 degrees) Yes No

3. Don't recycle newspapers for one day Yes No

4. Don't recycle glass/plastic/aluminum for one day Yes No

5. Take a plane trip # of miles

6. Eat Meat with at least two meals Yes No
6.1 Steak dinner bonus Yes No

7. Mow your lawn with gas-powered mower Yes No

8. Leave 2 light bulbs on for entire day Yes No

9. Hang/light one string of Christmas lights Yes No

10. Host a barbecue # of people
10.1 Charcoal (11 lbs/hr) or Gas (5.6lbs/hr)? Charcoal Gas

11. Drink Beer # 12 oz cans/bottles

12. Watch Television # of hours

13. Light a campfire Yes No

14. Do partial load of laundry in the washer Yes No

15. Do partial load of laundry in the dryer Yes No

16. Go boating # of miles

17. Take an 8 minute shower Yes No

18. Leave Computer on 24 hours Yes No

19. Drink Bottled Water # 16oz bottles

20. Get Married on Carbon Belch Day Yes No

21. Smoke 4 cigars Yes No