Just two months before New Jersey's June 3rd Republican Senatorial Primary, the liberals who have taken over the NJ state GOP decided that the two existing candidates, Joe Pennacchio and Murray Sabrin, were "too conservative" for their tastes. So they decided to persuade a liberal, Dick Zimmer, to run for Senate at the last minute, and he accepted.

Dick Zimmer couldn't win a debate if his life depended on it. He advertised far less than Joe Pennacchio, and yet, Zimmer STILL WON the NJ Republican Primary!

I suspect corruption. Nevertheless, there is nothing anyone can do about it. The liberals that control the NJ GOP got their last-minute liberal "hand pick" to win the NJ Republican nomination for US Senate (somehow). And all I can do is either abstain from voting in the NJ Senate race, or vote for Frank Lousenberg; just as I voted for Jon Corzine against liberal Doug Forrester after they smeared Bret Schundler's record as Mayor of Jersey City during that Republican Primary.

And the NJ GOP continues to wonder why they haven't won a single statewide election since the early 1990's. Go figure.