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  1. #1 Reid To House Republicans: Friday’s Vote Will Show America Whose Side You’re On 
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    Washington, D.C. – Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement on tomorrow’s House vote on the Republican budget: “The vote you’ll cast tomorrow presents a clear choice between millionaires and the middle class.

    Whose side are you on? “It will also answer for the country this question: Are Republicans serious about reducing the deficit, or are they going to continue pretending we can do it without asking millionaires, billionaires and corporations to pay their fair share?

    “Our federal budget is like any family’s budget in that there are two columns: what we take in and what we spend. We...

    What putrid little pile of steaming feces.
    Harry Reid is a shining example of why we need term limits in Congress.
    Nevadans must be so proud to be represented by this intellectual giant. Texas has Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, but she comes from a Black district in Houston, while Dingy Harry represents the entire state of Nevada. Pitiful.
    America already knows whose side at least 60 of those republicans are on. reid... you putrid festering puss pocket of herpes simplex 5000... we have 60 Conservatives that cannot be cowled nor bought. FU and the entire dog and pony show.

    You will have many more like them to contend with turd face... come January 2013
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    I see the Democrats still loving throwing out that phrase, "fair share." A phrase they only seem to like when THEY are defining what is "fair."
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    Quote Originally Posted by pyackog View Post
    I see the Democrats still loving throwing out that phrase, "fair share." A phrase they only seem to like when THEY are defining what is "fair."
    Hi, greyt to see you back. :)

    The dims think what's fair is that everything belongs to them. That's fair (to them).

    " To the world you are just one more person, but to a rescued pet, you are the world."

    A Nation of Sheep Breeds a Government of Wolves!"

    Crocodiles are easy. They try to kill & eat you. People are harder. Sometimes they pretend to be your friend first.” Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter

    GO CARDS!!!!!!
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    "Fair share?" With less than 50% of the workforce employed and the top 5 % paying 90% of the taxes, what is "fair" to the DUMBORATS?

    I read that if we wanted to break even, we would have to tax "the rich" in America 134%. I guess government thievery is perfectly acceptable to DIMWIToRATS as long as it keeps them in power.
    Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.
    C. S. Lewis
    Do not ever say that the desire to "do good" by force is a good motive. Neither power-lust nor stupidity are good motives. (Are you listening Barry)?:mad:
    Ayn Rand
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    pay their fair share

    I am so tired of that phrase.
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    Note to Dingy're on the WRONG side.
    In Memory Of My Friend 1st Sgt. Tim Millsap A Co, 70th Eng. Bn. 3rd Bde 1st AD...K.I.A. 25 April 2005

    Liberalism Is The Philosophy Of The Stupid

    To Achieve Ordered Liberty You Must Have Moral Order As Well

    The libs/dems of today are the Quislings of former years. The cowards who would vote a fraud into office in exchange for handouts from the devil.
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    50% of income earners pay only 4% of the income taxes paid while the other 50% pay the other 96%. Now I ask, which side isn't paying their fair share?
    The Obama Administration: Deny. Deflect. Blame.
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