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Obama 'Not at all' embarrassed by Release of Open Mic Comments

The White House has no problem with President Obama’s comments in Chicago that were caught on an open microphone and quickly circulated through the media sphere. Asked aboard Air Force One if the president was embarrassed by the comments, White House press secretary Jay Carney said “not at all.”

ABC News reports Carney said the comments, including harsh words about Paul Ryan, whom the president had praised in public, did not conflict with anything the president had said:

“There’s nothing he said that contradicts anything he said in public,” Carney said, “I think what he said in that session you’re talking about and the things that he’s said in more public forums have been entirely consistent.”

Carney insisted to reporters the open mic incident was a “miscommunication, nothing more than that,” and concluded “it’s not a problem, it’s not an issue.”
Of course not. In order to feel embarrassment one has to have a developed set of morals, not simply a "whatever benefits me at the expense of those I hate" ideology that liberals have. That is something the narcissist in chief has none of.
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1. He shouldn't be he didn't say anything we didn't already know.

As a matter of fact the quotes make me like him more because it shows that he gets it.
Yea we know. The more incivility there is FROM liberals pols the more the base likes it.

Those not of the base see it simply as bullying and rude........not what we want in a president.