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  1. #1 " Goose Cam: Deer Stands Guard Over Goose that Lost Male Mate..." 
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    Click play to watch the LIVE Goose Cam at Forest Lawn. It operates in daylight and also in night vision mode when dark. See images below.

    The deer has been seen throughout the day, but occasionally wanders in and out of the picture. Keep watching if you want to make sure you see the deer.

    The Story of the Goose & Deer

    It's a scene right out of a Disney movie, mother goose has lost her lifelong mate and is now left alone to create and tend to her nest in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo, NY. She spends the day sheltering her eggs from the cool spring air inside an empty urn she has chosen as home.

    The loss of her male partner and guardian now makes her vulnerable to any would-be predators that choose to approach the nest. But, in an unlikely twist of fate, an adult deer has befriended the mother goose, taking over the role of protector.
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    Mmmmmm goose mmmmmm deer!:)
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    How cool! :)
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    A Mama is a Mama.:)
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