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Capitalocracy (1000+ posts) Sat Apr-16-11 09:09 AM
Original message Five seconds of Fox News

So I watched Fox News today for the first time in over six years (apart from a few select clips online). I used to watch it periodically, because one has to keep an eye on the fascists. (Yes, one must...) I'm living in Argentina at the moment, actually kind of in exile here because I married a woman from Argentina and I don't meet the U.S.'s financial requirements for sponsoring an immigrant spouse. (Translation - I'm a Libtard Loser.) So here I've been stuck for the last six years. Anyway, I recently switched internet and cable services, and this one has Fox News.

So what did I see in the first five seconds of watching Fox? Headlines: tornado, serial killer, missing blond girl. Crawler: Qaddafi is using cluster bombs in civilian areas. Cluster bombs are banned in most countries. (No mention of the U.S. and Israel, who also use cluster bombs on cities). Teaser: Are unions to blame for air traffic controllers falling asleep on the job? And they scoffed at the idea that more staff would help that problem. And then Mike Huckabee came on and said it's pointless to tax rich people 'cause they're just too smart for it, those slippery richies! Better to just institute a fair tax at point of purchase! (By the way, one of the worst things about living here in Argentina is the 21% VAT that stuck around after being implemented during the military dictatorship.)

Can't stop the crazy 'cause the crazy don't stop.

Buzz Clik (1000+ posts) Sat Apr-16-11 09:16 AM
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2. Nice pitch for Qaddafi.

Buzz is such a card...:D