I was starting a book by one of my favorite guilty pleasure authors (The Lake by Richard Laymon) and it got me thinking about books I've actually put down because they were that awful. Over the years I've been criticized by You-Know-Who because I'm too soft on books, especially authors I like...and I was wondering if any of my fellow CU Book Nerds have ever started reading a book that was so awful you just had to put it down, and never to pick it back up again.

I've had two books over the past 10+ years that I can think of....fairly obscure novels that quite honestly just sucked. Wake Up Screaming by Vince Courtenay (not poorly written but the plot moved like sludge and had way too many horror cliches for me to keep reading...I gave up 100 pages or so into it) and more recently a book called Alone in the Dark (I think the title is right) by Sephira Giron. This book COULD HAVE been very entertaining but ended up plodding along, going nowhere after 80+ pages and I gave up.