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Still no reply from Nova on those racist cartoons depicting Condi Rice and Colin Powell. Go figure. That's because it's all about ideology and not race and it's OK to make derogatory and racist jokes and comments as long as said black people have an R next to their name. And Poli, being Muslim is not an ethnicity. Being Arab and Nubian is. Or did you not take an anthropology course?

I took a couple of DUers to task for that a while ago, during the Bush years. I believe it was over calling Condi Rice "Aunt Jemima". I even called the poster out and asked if he or she was black-no, of course not. I don't remember who it was, though, but he or she justified the comment by saying that Condi was not acting in black people's interests, therefore it was okay to use that term. I told him or her that he was lucky there were so few black posters on DU to offend with those kind of comments.