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  1. #1 To The American Media: Time To Face The Reality Of Election Rigging 
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    They are OUTRAGED!!!!!!! Except of course, if their guy/gal wins. THEN it's the will of the peoples!!!!

    upstatecajun (433 posts) Sun Apr-17-11 02:03 PM
    Original message To The American Media: Time To Face The Reality Of Election Rigging

    Jonathan Simon

    To Every Journalist and Media Reformer:
    How does the Big Lie flourish and prosper? By being criminal beyond belief. By operating in safety behind a towering "never happen here" wall of denial. By a foolish assumption of immunity. By being too big a story to be a story within the bounds of journalistic decorum.

    The gruesome truth is that American elections can be rigged and are being rigged because the American media treats election rigging as something that--all evidence notwithstanding--could never happen here. Period, end of story, move on.

    And we are moving on. To an unrecognizable America. An America in which, when even obscene amounts of cash can't buy enough votes, those votes can be manufactured (added, switched, deleted wholesale) in the darkness of cyberspace. It's too easy. And it's happening. A Big Lie is consuming America.

    We ask each of you in turn--reporter, editor, commentator, reformer--are you willing to sit back and let this happen on your watch? Can you take 15 minutes to stand before this picture, taking it in, and then ask yourself, if we have been persuasive, what you are going to do?
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Amazing isn't it? When they were finding bundles of ballots in trunks of cars that ended up putting Franken over the top, this was a-ok but not reporting already counted ballots to the media=election rigging to these people. Hypocrite doesn't even begin to describe them.
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    funny thing is they are correct, but it's their side that has been doing the rigging.
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