walldude (1000+ posts) Sun Apr-17-11 12:55 PM
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Is it time to show up at every Tea Party Event? In huge numbers?
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The fact is, when 200 people show up for a Tea Party rally it's a MSM top story. When half a million middle class workers show up to protest it's a non event.

Yesterday we got some coverage, but only because the press was there to fawn over The Wasilla Shrilla and her mini army of zombie followers.

You can see the press doing it's best not to admit there were 10 times the number of counter protesters. You have to admit cell phones and the internet are coming in very handy. Imagine if there was no alternate media. The world would think we are a nation of baggers.

Maybe we should be scheduling all our "events" to coincide with Bagger gatherings. It seems to be the only way to get the media to admit that.. well to admit that they are full of shit and that we outnumber the baggers 10 to 1.
Walldud, you're simply incapable of showing up in huge numbers because sane people outnumber you tremendously. The eight of you who have run out of pot and stumbled out of Mama's basement is just not going to get any coverage. Sorry.