Government has become too damn big, too damn intrusive, and too damn lucrative for the good of the country.

That's why so much of the political class in this country is comprised of con men, sociopaths, and fortune hunters. Quite frankly, most of these people would rather that you didn't understand their motives, what they really want to do, or the policies that they're implementing because what's actually good for the country is a much smaller consideration than what's good for them personally.

Since this is the case and the mainstream media has become little more than a tool of the Democratic Party, the average person has to know the tricks of the trade if he wants to figure out what's really going on. Towards that end, here are some of the many, many ways that D.C. pols mislead the public about what they're trying to do.

1) I oppose my opponent's pro-wife beating stand.
What do you do if your opponent takes a sensible, rational and popular stand that you can't beat? Simple: claim he holds a completely different position and attack that.
2) A rose by any other name may be a skunk.
The name of a bill doesn't necessarily have anything at all to do with what the bill actually does. For example, like it or hate it, the Patriot Act has nothing to do with patriotism.
3) What I say trumps what I do!
No one should be surprised that politicians often say one thing and then do another. However, this has become a standard strategy for Democrats since they can count on their allies in the mainstream media to cover for them.