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Hockey is one sport that if I were nurtured at it, I believe I could have played professionally. We had no hockey programs to speak of outside of street hockey when I was growing up but on occasion I would play with friends on a frozen pond once in a while and I learned how to skate pretty well to the point where I was able to deke and skate around an opposing player and I had a wicked wrist shot. My wrister was so good that I would tell you what I was shooting at(high, stick side, etc) and I'd still beat you. Even playing street hockey I was lethal.
I wasn't good like that at hockey. I had an quick, accurate shot although I didn't get a heckuva lot on it and was a good passer. I can skate fairly fast but can't stop well much less deke, lol. There were very few programs at all around and no frozen ponds to play on...if you wanted to skate you had to spend a fortune at the rink.