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Congressional 'earmarks' have become a national scandal and a national joke: Lawmakers wasting tax dollars on their pet projects, and costing Americans up to $60 billion a year. But this exclusive investigation uncovers more than waste. FOX News exposes lawmakers including former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert who spent millions of dollars of your money on projects that fattened their personal bank accounts.

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here is a link to a chart that shows a State by State break down

Pet projects, or 'earmarks,' still thriving in Congress
Waste and abuse in the system often obscure the good that earmarks can do.
The Associated Press June 7, 2008

Earmark winners and their lobbyists often reward their benefactors with campaign contributions. For many members of Congress, especially those on the Appropriations committees, such as Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., campaign donations from earmark-seeking lobbyists and corporate executives are the core of their fundraising.

Critics say too many earmarks go to a few powerful lawmakers such as Murtha, who by himself and in concert with others earmarked $176 million in 2008 federal spending.

Despite such questions and public outrage over high-profile earmarking abuses, the system that now-jailed lobbyist Jack Abramoff once called "the favor factory" is still running full tilt.

more here it is a 3 page story