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Remember - when a dem does it - it's natural. It's what people do. It's above criticism. When a Conservative does it . . . well then . . . . that conservative is going to hell and taking the whole country with 'em!

So completely typical of demoncratic HYPOCRISY.
Yeah, but THIS time, Barry's got to be careful: his momma was 18 when she gave birth to him, which means she may have been 17 when she got pregnant. Barry Senior (the drunken, already married baby daddy) was 24.

The Palin situation is actually better: the girl is 17, the boy is 18. They can and will marry; there are no other wives hanging around. They will have the support of Palin and her family.

The DUmp is running around in circles talking about statutory rape: you can't go there without talking about Barry Senior.