I hate to sound a sour note on what otherwise promises to be a truly joyful occasion, but for those responsible for ensuring the Royal Wedding goes off without incident the event is proving to be something of a security nightmare.


The Government’s decision to ban a protest planned by Muslims Against Crusades has highlighted the fact that not everyone in this fair isle wishes the happy couple well....But what about those of a more violent disposition, such as al-Qaeda and the IRA, that might seek to use the event to launch a “spectacular” terror attack?

I’m told that in Yemen the al-Qaeda cell run by Anwar al-Awlaki is working day and night to launch a terror attack against the UK (this is the group behind the ink cartridge bombs discovered at East Midlands Airport at the end of last year). So it is logical that the group would want to take advantage of the mass crowds gathering in London to launch an attack.

The same goes for the dissident IRA cell which has recently made an unwelcome reappearance in Ulster, where they murdered a young police constable by placing a bomb under his car. So far most of their activities have been confined to Northern Ireland. But they would no doubt relish the opportunity to export their terror campaign to the British mainland.