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Atman (1000+ posts) Wed Apr-20-11 12:39 PM
Original message Why are the Republicans being so brazen about their plans to dismantle America?

I think it is simple; they've had a few election cycles to work the kinks out of their vote rigging electronic voting. Americans don't even talk about it anymore. And we don't bat an eye -- the media makes sure of it -- even when the theft is as blatant as the Prosser debacle in Wisconsin.

I posted before the Obama election that the GOP was desperate to actually LOSE that one. The economic disaster they had deliberately created needed a new Democratic figure head. A couple years of pain, with a president who might not even be from this country, would set the stage. They would make sure things got so bad, the political climate so poisoned, that any GOP win, no matter how absurd (as in Wisconsin) could be made to seem plausible. A compliant media would seal the deal.

Do you think this is far fetched? One only has to go back to the pre-Bush pronouncements of Grover Norquist, George Casey and other of Bush's economic henchmen to see the writing that was on the wall. They spoke openly of destroying the economy in order to rebuild it in their GOP utopian dream image. They spoke of mass societal pain needed to help bring about their goals. Distrusted, discredited voting machines were just one step along the way. I think they think they've got it figured out enough to pull it off, no matter how blatant their attempts.

Of course, I could be wrong.

Dammit!!! He figured it out!!! They know we let Obama win!!!!!! :D