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Yeah, I was active over here for a long time before CC stood up, there were some issues back then including a plague of Ronulans and some major site stability problems that eventually wiped out my account here. SR and SLW have resolved all that pretty darn well and so I restarted it, SR was kind enough to start me at a thousand on the post count (It was a lot higher, but I don't remember what it really was, so I only asked him for the thousand). Lots of good folks post at one place or the other, as well as some of us who try to stay active in both.

Hi, feel bad that I haven't posted on the Cave for a while, but haven't been posting much here lately either since the stupid knee surgery. When you're posting there, say hi for me. I'll get over there soon.

Those painkillers are horrible. Hopefully the doc Wednesday can change them to something less potent.

Would have been doing super if it wasn't for one really negligent physical therapist at the place where I stayed a week after the surgery. He didn't bother to see what I had done and treated me for a hip replacement instead of the knee replacement. He set me back 30 degrees in the flexion. If anyone has had knee problems, I was already at 91 degrees a week after the surgery. After this moron worked on me, I was down to a pathetic 61 degrees a few days later. I cut my stay there short a week and went home and had home health PT. The home health guy was good and got me back to 98 degrees, but I need 110 degrees to be functional, 120 degrees to be normal. I have a long, painful road ahead of me.

There's a special place for people who don't bother to read records and who do therapy without having a clue about what the problem is or even who the patient is. I commented and he went back to get my files, after he had hurt me very badly. He came back with another wrong name. I've been trying to work my way through this, very upset with this unnecessary setback.