OKLAHOMA CITY -- Two men were caught and arrested over the weekend after jumping from the Devon Tower. Police say Bo Baxter and Waylon Litchfield were arrested early Sunday morning for BASE jumping from the tower.

MSgt. Gary Knight says, "As officers arrived, they saw two men going up the elevator and then two men parachuting one right after the other."

Police say they jumped from about the 36 floor, drifting toward I-40 and eventually landing near Reno and Walker Ave.

Knight says, "The first one was taken into custody by officers at the scene the second one ran from officers after landing."

But a highway patrol trooper caught him.

So who are these men?

Both appear to be thrill seekers.

We found a video posted on YouTube showing the view from a camera said to be worn by Litchfield as he skydives from a plane.

Baxter's blurry Facebook profile picture shows him skydiving.

We tried to talk with both men, going to addresses they gave police the morning of their arrest.

No one answered at Baxter's residence.

Someone was home at Litchfield's address but they asked our crew to leave.

Both men were arrested for trespassing.