The dogs were acting funny when I got back from my walk. It was hot and I left them outside for about an hour, and they swarmed me when I got back, both of them trying to tell me something.
Morgan finally got my attention my pointing at it and barking....

She had crawled right up on the back porch. I didn't notice her and just walked by her at first. When I returned she got aggressive. I'd never been around a snapping turtle before, and I was astounded how fast she was! Like a snake!

So I got a garden tool and put her in a 5 gallon bucket. Took her across the fence and into the woods about 200 feet away.

Two hours later she was back. Same spot. Still pissed. Snapped. Hissed.

5 gallon bucket again. Garden tool.............but this time she rode in the back of the pickup to a lake about 3 miles away.

She was still pissed the last time I saw her.........I think she is looking for a spot to lay eggs.

Live long, Snapper (I understand they live about 30 years).