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Yeah. That's what happened to me. Raised him from the age of 2.
There are so very many variables in this step parent/child equations that it becomes almost impossible to predict a solution. In fact, even the problems are unpredictable. I know men who are very close to their step children; men who do a fantastic job; men who have been total failures; women who get between the child and his step father, usurping the man's position; women who have maintained lifetime relationships with step children for whom they no longer have responsibility; and just about everything in between.

Three things I encourage:
1) A sense of humor
2) A sense of fairness
3) The right amount of patience (That one's a little nebulous, I know.):)

But DO NOT use the child in any way to get to his Mommy, OK? :)
I agree - I would also advise that you and she have an understanding going in what your obligations and expectation will be with regards to the child - AND that you do not allow any situations where one of you says no - and the other says yes to something and the kid is able to play you against each other.