Once upon a time, Democrats did not want to see this country destroyed [Hillbuzz Testimony]

There’s something that happens here, and on other sites, every once in a while that I personally read as a pejorative, even if I know 100% it’s not meant to be; it’s when someone refers to me as a “former lib”, a “reformed Liberal”, or even — most ridiculously — “a onetime Leftist”.

I was NEVER (bold, ALL-CAPS, NEVER) a “lib” or a “Liberal” or a Leftist…even if I spent my first 30 years or so of life being a Democrat.
I was a centrist who grew up in a centrist Democrat household that hated Michael Dukakis, Walter Mondale, Jimmy Carter, and essentially all the fools who hijacked the Democrat party and ran it into the ground after President Kennedy was assassinated. If he had lived, and if he was still around today, President Kennedy would be a REPUBLICAN.

Once upon a time, Democrats did not want to see this country destroyed. They didn’t want government spending to race out of control and didn’t want tax dollars funneled endlessly into the labor unions, so the unions could pump the cash back into the DNC in a taxpayer stick ‘em up pyramid scheme.

Absent the arrival of the Clintons on the scene in 1992…in an alternate universe where Mario Cuomo or Paul Tsongas or Jerry Brown became the presidential nominee instead of then Governor Clinton…I bet I would have voted Republican that year…and every year since.

They are the only reasons I decided to pull Democrat levers for so long…so it’s fitting that the betrayal of the Clintons by the Democrat party, and the grotesque lurch to the far Left the party has taken with Obama as standard bearer, is what divorced me from the Democrat party for good.

If the ghost of Sister Mary Howard ever asked me again what the difference between Democrats and Republicans is, I’d raise my hand and say “Democrats are Leftists who hate America and want to turn this into a Third World thogocracy while Republicans for the most part are Cocktail Party establishment buffoons too afraid of their own shadows to stand up to Democrat bullies and radicals”.

I am a conservative.

A gay conservative.

I am a guy who spent every cent he had and gave up his life for two years to elect Hillary Clinton president…and who is ready, willing, and hopefully able to do the same thing to elect Sarah Palin our next president.

I know it is my destiny that this will forever perplex a great many of you out there. I have answered repeatedly how and why I can support both of these extraordinary women…in the moments of time when I believe they were the best choice on the field to lead America when the country needed them.

Hillary Clinton would have made a much better president than Obama, John McCain, or anyone in the 2008 race.

Sarah Palin will make a much better president than anyone else alive I can think of at the moment, save for possibly Allen West.

In the future, if one of you reading this appears on the horizon as the best choice in my opinion, I might possibly champion you…and put everything I have in life into your campaign.

Because I love this country more than I could ever tell you, and I would never want to be associated with those who wish to see it harmed, who want America “changed at its core” in ways that turn us at best into a failed European socialist dystopia and more realistically into a Central or South American, African, or Middle Eastern thug-controlled garbage heap.

So, it honestly does boil my blood to be called “a former lib” or a “reformed Liberal”…when I was never, ever anything like that.

It horrifies me that some of you think this, because I take this to mean you believe that at one point in my life I would have sided against this country and only now see this as a bad thing to do.