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  1. #1 Handicapping the NHL Playoffs: Round 2 
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    Well since I did such a great job in the first round(4-4), I thought I'd give round 2 a bash. Here goes:

    Eastern Conference

    (5)Lightning vs. (1)Capitals-Caps had the easiest time of all East conference teams ousting the Rangers in 5. The Lightning had to come back from being down 3-1 to beat the Penguins. They split in the regular season but the Caps are well rested and the Bolts just came off of an emotional series. Tough call but I think it's going to be a close one. My Pick: Caps in 7

    (3)Bruins vs. (2)Flyers-Repeat of this very round last year. As we all know, the Bruins jumped out to a 3-0 lead and blew it. They have something to prove. The Flyers have been as inconstant a team as one can get. Goaltending has been shaky and Laviolette needs to make a decision. Playing the goalie carousel is not the way to go. Pronger seems to be healthy which is good because the Flyer power play needs him as it struggled mightily in the last round. I see another epic series but I think the Bruins get revenge. My Pick: Bruins in 7


    Western Conference

    (5)Predators vs. (1)Canucks-The Preds won their first ever seires and the Canucks barely escaped with their lives nearly blowing a 3-0 lead. They split the season series and the Preds have been playing well lately. The Canucks might change their strategy and play not to lose. This has been their MO in the playoffs and they haven't made it past the 2nd round since 1994. But they do have the horses to win this series as long as Luongo doesn't do what he did in the last round. My Pick: Canucks in 6

    (3)Red Wings vs. (2)Sharks-Ah the Sharks. The conundrum of the NHL playoffs. The Sharks have been painted as playoff chokers for years having good to great teams but unable to make the finals. The Wings on the other hand are history. Winning the Cup a few years ago but losing it the next season in the finals. But the Wings are a tough, tough team. So are the Sharks. This series has the chance to be the series of the playoffs. I actually believe that the winner here will end up representing the Western Conference. Tough to pick but...My Pick: Sharks in 7

    There you go...
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    Eastern Conference

    (5)Lightning vs. (1)Capitals-Caps

    My Pick: Caps in 6

    (3)Bruins vs. (2)Flyers

    My Pick: Bruins in 5


    Western Conference

    (5)Predators vs. (1)Canucks

    My Pick: Canucks in 6

    (3)Red Wings vs. (2)Sharks

    My Pick: Wings in 6
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    Quote Originally Posted by NJCardFan View Post
    My Pick: Bruins in 7
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