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    I do not smoke.

    But I DO drink.. my favorite poisons are : Chambourd and Vodka, Jack Daniels AND Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, Kahula and Rum and Cocoa, Pomgrenate Schnapps and Vodka, Jones Soda and Blue Raspberry Schnapps, Jamaican Overproof white rum and pretty much everything, Jameson straight up, and Sambuca (I miss Sambuca Tuesdays when I was dancing).

    I'm a quarter Irish. Can you tell? :D

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    I guess someone should have asked "smoke what"?
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    I don't smoke, I'm Copenhagen kind of guy. I drink bourbon, in a glass by itself, far away from any soda or seltzer. I have too many favorites to really have favorites, but if I had to choose one bottle it would be a coin toss between Buffalo Trace or Booker's. I used to drink to excess as often as possible in my 20's while I was a in the Marines and a bachelor with a body and lifestyle that could handle it. One day I woke up and found out I was just way too old for that shit. Nowadays, if I have two fingers of bourbon during my television shows after the kids have been squared away for the night I just want to crawl into bed myself.

    Other than that, three or four times a year my buddies and I will get together to test out someone's homebrew, or drink a little harder for a celebration of some sort. I also do the very occasional cigar when one of my friends who is into cigars has something new that I just "have" to try.
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    —Thomas Paine, Common Sense
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    Smokes: Virginia Slim menthol lights, which are now called menthol golds, because cigarette companies are no longer allowed to use the word "lights" on the boxes.

    drinks: Depends. I like Pinot Grigio with dinner, unless I'm eating red meat. I like Southern Comfort, either straight up or with orange juice. SC is always appropriate to carry in a flask to family funerals, too.
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