"The war people are trying to take money from the school.." anti-military kindergarten statements


Description of video: School indoctrination and anti-military sentiment in kindergarten? Please watch to the end of the video.

"The war people are trying to take money from the school because they have no more..." We were sitting down eating dinner and our son had mentioned to our daughter about how the special guest they had a the school didn't visit his classroom, did he visit hers?

And so that prompted us to ask who the special guest was, and Logan told us a special guest had visited and proceeded to explain what his teacher had told the class, that the "war people" were taking money from the school and this is why that individual was there, he was "from the war but not in it" and was going to "help the school".

I then grabbed the Iphone to record their statements again, and make sure our son was clear on what he was saying and that there were no changes as to what was said.

As explained by our daughter, apparently there was a special guest who had visited the childrens' school on Friday. An announcement was made about this person visiting to see how "beautiful the school was" and was going to visit some of the classrooms. Then our son proceeded to tell us about how his teacher described why the special guest was at the school.

We have been repeatedly re-asking these questions, to make sure that it's not just something he could be mistaken about. He continues to say he was told, "The war people are trying to take the school's money because they have no more." Obviously, he's not getting that sort of idea here and outside of the school, there's no other place he could pick something like that up.