After six weeks of Western military action to support rebels trying to oust him, Col Gaddafi remains in power....also shelled a town in neighbouring Tunisia they accuse of sheltering rebels.

Despite signs of an international backlash from countries including Russia, Mr Cameron defended Nato’s tactics and insisted the allies would go on targeting “Gaddafi’s war machine.”
The airstrike was followed by angry scenes in Tripoli, with mobs attacking Western embassies.

The Foreign Office said that both the British embassy and the ambassador’s residence had suffered “severe” damage from fire. Cars nearby were also burned. The British buildings have been empty since Western strikes on Libya began in March.

British diplomats privately believe the attacks were orchestrated by the Libyan regime and William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, responded by expelling Libya’s ambassador to London.
Omar Jelban was told he had 24 hours to leave the country because Libya had failed to uphold its Vienna Convention obligations to protect diplomatic missions.