The bin Laden Story Just Keeps Changing and Skeptics of this Bullshit Story are Now Called “Extremists”

"Hillary And Gates are against releasing the photos of Dead Usama Bin Ladin and so the beat goes on "

At first the story about the daring raid was so chocked full of obvious propaganda, it was making people wonder about the legitimacy of the whole thing, especially since they supposedly dumped his body over the side of a ship 10 hours after the raid (for some strange reason) and they are still “debating” whether or not they should release photos of a dead bin Laden (for some stranger reason).

(The raid is reported to have begun at 3:30 pm on May the first and to have taken 40 minutes (with bin Laden being shot near the end of the raid). The “burial at sea” was reported to have taken place at 1:10 am on May the second, just under 10 hours later and before the DNA testing came back that morning.)

Basically, they had no proof except their “trust us” approach to the whole thing. Once again, this reminds one of their case against bin Laden with regard to 9/11, at least it should if you’ve been paying attention. Noam Chomsky recently pointed out on Press TV the reason that Bush refused to reply to the Taliban’s offer to hand over bin Laden just weeks after 9/11; “We later discovered one of the reasons why they did not bring evidence: they did not have any.”. Plus, they wanted to invade so handing over bin Laden would have kinda messed up that plan.

According to the first official heroic story of the raid, bin Laden went out in a blaze of gun-fire shooting his AK from the hip and hiding behind various women at the same time. The “human shield” story is always a nice touch. We can thank the Israeli Defense Force for that lovely little contribution to the human condition. I can’t tell you how many TV talking heads I have heard waste hour after hour ranting about the moral significance of that one over the past couple of days. Of course, like most everything else they talk about these days, it was pure bullshit.