Nine Australian soldiers wounded in Afghanistan were attacked with rocket-propelled grenades and guns in an ambush by Taliban extremists, the defence force said today.It was the highest number of casualties Australian troops had had in a single incident since the Vietnam war, defence spokesman Brigadier Brian Dawson said.

That's fine.They hurt we teach them the meaning of the word PAIN....before it was just we're MAD....if I were you jihadi..I'd run. Now.

The special forces soldiers were wounded last night in Oruzgan province as they were returning in vehicles from an operation, Brig. Dawson said. Six of the Australian were seriously wounded, with one suffering life-threatening wounds. Three others suffered slight wounds.

And I will bet they left no enemies alive.

"The soldiers were part of an ongoing Special Operations Task Group (SOTG) operation to disrupt Taliban extremist command and control networks at the time of the incident.Brig. Dawson said the soldiers were given first aid by their colleagues being taken to allied medical facilities.

Several Taliban extremists were killed in the contact.

That's media talk for "They pointed their weapons at us....and paid for that mistake with their lives..

"With winter approaching, Taliban extremists are stepping up their activities across the country before the snow falls and the poor weather limits further operations," Brig. Dawson said.

No problem. We can fight in winter or in summer. Death waits in the dark.

He warned there could be more clashes."Clearly the Taliban are fighting in their heartland areas," he said. "Some of the operations which ISAF are conducting are in areas where coalition soldiers have not been before. I think we can expect more heavy fighting."

Okay Taliban...bring it. We'll be waiting for you.

The soldiers’ families had been told.Defence force chief Angus Houston said it was fortunate that no Australians were killed. "It is a very dangerous place and we were involved in an activity with other forces. I guess we were ambushed and this is what happens," Air Chief Marshal Houston said.

They got lucky.Later, all they will get is DEAD.

"We are up against a very determined adversary," he said. "As always, our people are doing a great job and they have been very successful in recent times. Unfortunately, from time to time, we will have casualties."

And we are more than happy to pass them out as well.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, speaking at the Australian War Memorial at a ceremony commemorating the Battle for Australia Day, acknowledged the sacrifice of Australian soldiers, past and present.

Wait..the dipshit was in the country??? Will miracles never cease..?

"Our thoughts and our prayers are with our troops, with their families and their loved ones." Opposition defence spokesman Nick Minchin said the increase in activity by the Taliban demonstrated the need for the allies in Afghanistan to maintain their resolve and stand up to Taliban extremism.

We ain't Spanish, we don't surrender, and we ain't leaving. Come and get it, Achmed..we got your Paradise right here.....

News of the battle came a day after it was revealed that Australian soldiers kept suspected Taliban prisoners in dog pens at an Afghan army facility, disgusting Muslims who regard dogs as unclean.

On behalf of all Australians , we wish to apologise to the dogs for using their homes..we promise we will clean them, and make them habitable again before you move back in.We know you have standards.

Australian Defence Association executive director Neil James said such incidents would only "marginally" increase the dangers Australian troops faced in Afghanistan.

Fuckers are lucky we let 'em live....

"They don't look like dog pens. It was an Afghan army base and it was the Afghan army that kept the dogs in them. When our Diggers put the blokes in them they didn't know they had been dog pens," Mr James said.

If we had, we would not have used them. No self respecting dog will go near them after one of those things has used it. What a waste of a good dog kennel.

Six Australian soldiers have died in Afghanistan.

I'll wager more than fifty times that number of jihadis have died in return

One Aussie soldier is worth a hundred Taliban. And please, us all a favour?

Dont run.

You'll only die tired.