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Unless you have a specific type of kidney disease, read this:

I appreciate the direction to the article. Apparently, I have some kind of kidney disease or malfunction, though my nephrologist seems to think that I am something of a unique case because "Your numbers are all over the place. "

In any event, the salt restriction is because the pills I am on actually contain 1300 mg of sodium. The doctor says I can have 4000 mg total including the pills, which means 2700 from food and beverage. She would prefer my total be 3000 mg.

So it's not like I am being forced to eat no salt, it's just that the things I like have a huge amount of salt. I also have a somewhat unique physiology when it comes to cholesterol. My cholesterol numbers stay fabulous no matter what I eat. My dad was the same way, right up to the day he died of a heart attack. But I do like my deli meats (400 - 700 mg sodium in a 2 ounce serving) , rye bread (270 mg in 2 slices) and feta cheese and pasta salad (god only knows how much sodium the Greek market puts in that.)