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Have The Republicans' Actions Lately Reminded Anyone Else Of A Certain Easter Story?

You've got Trump and the Birthers running around demanding to see birth certificates and college transcripts and pretty much anything else they can think of that would inconvenience Obama in any way (which, by the way, is a common tactic used by lawyers in order to pressure people into settling or dismissing their lawsuits--flood them with discovery requests and make them work SO hard just to give you the things you asked for that it's actually easier for them to just give up), and you've got Sarah Failin and the Deathers demanding to see pictures of Osama Bin Laden's body, and about 100 other right-wing A-holes demanding to see this and that and the other. I find it curious that this sort of thing is happening right around Eastertime, a time when the right-wing Bible-bashers SHOULD be remembering some of the things that are actually contained IN the Bible (as opposed to just waving their Bibles in people's faces).

Anyone else remember the story of Doubting Thomas, who demanded to put his fingers through the holes in Jesus' hands and feet, and demanded to put his hand in the spear wound in Jesus' side before he'd believe it was actually Jesus? Hmmmmmm, let's think back to that story. Does the Bible (and by extension, the Christian religion) deal KINDLY with Doubting Thomas, and ENCOURAGE this kind of behavior? Hmmmmmmm.
1. So, it's so hard are out of the range of expectations for this president to provide information that many presidents and presidential candidates have provided, some voluntarily, some after being asked.

2. So now they are saying quite outright that Obama is god and we must take everything he says by faith, or else we aren't following the Bible.

LOL And they wonder why they, and Obama are ridiculed.

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1. That was very good, my green kindred.