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So I Did A Silent Callout On a Republican Hypocrite

....Anyhow this morning my wife and I drop off some items at Goodwill. We waited on the car in front of us as they were waiting for the clerk to get a tax receipt so they could write off the donation on their taxes. I happened to notice on their bumper a McCain/Palin,Dino Rossi for Governor stickers and a couple of other Republican campaign stickers as well.

Anyhow we went in to the store to browse around as we are looking for a cheap file the same person that was in front of us outside was now in front of us inside so I just said to my wife "isn't it funny that those who vote republican say they do so because they want less government but will take any tax breaks and loopholes from the government".

The lady in front of us face turned into a prune and she was doing her best to get out of the store quickly as possible, she paid for her items and walked away and I just said "enjoy your tax break"
Liberals acting like rude jerks. No surprise there.

rsmith is one of the ruder jerks on DU.

I love how every time they tell one of these stories on DU they interpret the conservative who politely ignores the rudeness and simply leaves as being embarrassed or as the liberal "winning".