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  1. #1 The Collapse Of The American Standard Of Living, Inflationary Depression 
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    As the economy stumbles the American standard of living recedes.

    44 million people are using food stamps and in one year that figure will be 60 million.
    Washington and Wall Street say, what me worry? Of course not they are the masters of the universe. We are 24 months into an inflationary depression and it still goes undiscovered.

    Who cares that the issuance of food stamps is up 80%, as long as the bonuses on Wall Street and in banking continue to flow and bureaucrats get higher and higher salaries and benefits?

    The high cost of health insurance, no longer affordable to most have increased and Medicaid users are up 17%, as the program costs increased 36%.
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    All that and yet I was at a concert last night where $14.00 beers and $6.00 Nachos were flying out of the concession stands faster than they could be prepared. Money was NO OBJECT. The concert tickets alone were at least $50.00.

    Depression? Yeah, sure.
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    The Economics Forum needs love too. ;)
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