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  1. #1 Oregon Senate Votes to Stop Sale of “Suicide Kits,” Hoods 
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    Assisted suicide is perfectly fine in Oregon, the first state to legalize the grisly practice, but the sale of so-called “suicide kits” — hoods or other items people can use to kill themselves — has been prohibited.

    Members of the Oregon Senate on Monday voted to ban the sale of the kits in a bill passed unanimously in response to the death of 29-year-old Eugene resident Nick Klonoski, who killed himself after using a kit he purchased from a company in California. The bill prohibits the sale or transfer of “any substance or objects to another person knowing that the other person intends to use” it to commit suicide.

    The kits cost about $60 and contain a plastic bag that fits over a person’s head and a tube the person can use to connect the bag to a tank of helium gas. Although the Oregon assisted suicide law requires a doctor to write a prescription for the lethal drugs people used to take their lives, the kits can be purchased without a prescription, mental health evaluation or any other safeguards.
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    The "grisly practice"??!? Ah, good ole' Life News....

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