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No, it's because y'all are in some weird competition with every other driver on the road. I don't care if some random 'tard cuts me off, tailgates, or makes a left across 3 lanes of traffic. These aren't personal affronts to my worth and dignity as a human being. I don't have to curse a blue streak and show them how it's done by the next stoplight. That's a guy dynamic.

What women do (and I'm not excusing it), is talk on the phone, fiddle with their kids, and lane drift. While that's annoying and sometimes causes non-lethal fender-benders, it's no where near the amount of chaos a 23 year old boy and his 4 close friends can wreak.
Women drivers are the most aggressive drivers on the road most of the time. It's like a power thing. I cannot tell you how many women drivers I have run off the road over cliffs, into trees, and off of bridges (not easy BTW, not everyone is a Kennedy, right?). Just because we let you women drive, it doesn't mean you can go all PMS behind the wheel.