Long story short - once we explained the what and how of the accident, she fully understood, and we were good to go. She then stated she would send us information on plans to help us cover the co-pays and we discussed other treatments like aqua therapy, so he can work on building up his joints again to avoid future injury.

I should also add that Aetna is also integrating this particular program with government programs, in order to keep their costs down. But to have a 45 minute call with an insurance company that not only was pleasant AND added aid to a scary situation -- for us that was a huge surprise.

So, this is the first time we've faced a catastrophic medical bill, but our insurance is 100% behind us, and is looking for more ways to help. I'm still stunned.

One might think that she might START to see that the LIES she has been fed - and likely has been spreading - about the insurance companies are just that, lies.

Hopefully the insane hatred and demonization will begin to unravel, at least for this one person.