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  1. #1 David Gregory Accuses Gingrich of Racism for Calling Obama a 'Food Stamp President' 
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    As NewsBusters has been reporting for several months, Obama-loving media are doing their darnedest to depict every potential Republican presidential candidate as a racist.

    Doing his part, NBC's David Gregory on Sunday's "Meet the Press" accused Newt Gingrich of racism for having called Barack Obama "The most successful food stamp president in American history" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

    NEWT GINGRICH: You want to be a country that creates food stamps, in which case frankly Obama's is an enormous success. The most successful food stamp president in American history. Or do you want to be a country that creates paychecks?

    (End videotape)

    GREGORY: First of all, you gave a speech in Georgia with language a lot of people think could be coded racially-tinged language, calling the president, the first black president, a food stamp president.
    GINGRICH: Oh, come on, David.

    GREGORY: What did you mean? What was the point?

    REP. GINGRICH: That's, that's bizarre. That--this kind of automatic reference to racism, this is the president of the United States. The president of the United States has to be held accountable. Now, the idea that--and what I said is factually true. Forty-seven million Americans are on food stamps. One out of every six Americans is on food stamps. And to hide behind the charge of racism? I have--I have never said anything about President Obama which is racist.

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    My next door neighbors, while nice enough, are all illegal residents. There are five adults, all under 35 years of age, all related (brothers, sisters, cousins) living in a two bedroom condo. They simple drove across the border to Colorado ("screw the running thru the desert", one of the men told me in broken English one day). They are receiving $600.00 per month in food stamps, LEAP and something else (I couldn't understand what he said). I was enraged, but simply walked away. Like I said, they are nicer neighbors than the asshats I got in the house on the other side, which are gangbangers from East LA. There are two 2-plex condos across the street. One is occupied by the owner (a Hispanic American who is a blame America first leftist), 2 illegal families (both on welfare and foodstamps) and one Hispanic family that is as American as I, also on foodstamps.

    BELIEVE me, a disabled veteran (who I might add is rec'v LESS gvt help than ANY of my illegal resident neighbors), reform of these gvt handouts is a MUST.:mad::mad::mad:
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