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    I predict that as first names become increasingly difficult to spell or pronounce, we'll see a gradual return to using more formal titles: Ms. Smith, Mr. Matson, Mrs. Wright, etc.

    Absolutely nothing infuriates people more than having some loud mangling of their name in public or having to spell out their name every single time they use it in public. Even now, I know people with variant names who use fake names at Starbucks or in restaurants because it's just to painful to correct everyone constantly.

    I sincerely hope that the day will come when this change happens. Especially with total strangers, it's sometimes annoying to be first-named all the time. I'm not your friend, buddy, confidant, or potential girlfriend; I'm a client. Pretend that my time and money can buy me a little fake respect for a couple of minutes.

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    My wife and I went the more traditional route...our kids are named after ourselves!
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