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  1. #1 Aquarium bosses stunned after finding shark lived undetected in tank for years 
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    Stunned aquarium staff have discovered that a shark they did not know they had has been living undetected in their ocean tank for years.

    Staff at Blackpool Sea Life Centre were baffled when two shark eggs were discovered in a tank occupied by sharks which give birth only to live young.

    The centre's marine experts speculate that one of several former curators must have introduced a small tropical carpet shark to the display without recording the fact, and it has been in hiding ever since.

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    Who among us hasn't accidentally misplaced a shark.
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    Who among us hasn't accidentally misplaced a shark.

    LOL! Who indeed? I used to run 3 or 4 big tanks all the time and I had installed a sophisticated under gravel filter in one tank that also held about 30 Neons. After awhile, I noticed that the Neons were dying off. Since there were other potentially predatory fish in the tank, I didn't think much of it.

    Months later Mr. Snaps took the tank apart for cleaning and we found all the missing Neons. They never grew and they had been living below the gravel in the filter. Once they were restored to the light, they caught up with their regular brethren over about a month. :D
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