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    Thing that gets me.

    He is announcing today he is running. But if any one has paid attention to my 2012 presidential Can. thread, I've had him listed as Official for almost a month now.

    Thats because he filed the final paper work to make his candidacy officially back on March 21st. All he is doing is coming forward now to the news reporters, but he's been officially running for a month now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noonwitch View Post
    The University of Michigan in Dearborn has them, too. I'm only opposed to them because they are only for muslim students. If they were for anyone who wanted to use them, I'd support it. Whose feet don't get sore and tired walking around a college campus?
    Yeah, but who else stops in the middle of the day for a foot bath?

    It's just the creeping dhimmitude...
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