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Yo, Bibi. What Have You Done For Me Lately?

I'm hearing reports that Obama has no leverage with Benjamin Netanyahu, or that even if he had, Netanyahu has no leverage within Israel to change much of anything. Neither one is true.

America's a big country with lots of leverage all around the world. Small allies like Israel aren't in a position to tell our president to piss off. Obama isn't the easy mark that Bush was. Bush was stupid and manipulable; Obama is neither.

Israel is a little country without much leverage throughout the world. If they decide they don't need to make nice with the American president, they're wrong. And they'll find it out. Between now and Netanyahu's next visit, he's going to have to come up with a good answer to the question, Yo, Bibi, What have you done for me lately?

Coming up, don't miss it. The new, ingratiating Benjamin Netanyahu. Or his replacement.
That's the Democrats for you. Respecting our allies is considered being an "easy mark" and "stupid and manipulable", but being 'smart' like Obama means bullying our allies, and acting like a total jerk.

Well, at least they do admit that Obama is a bully, and that is the way they like it.
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3. Yep, they own both parties.

They will stop at nothing. Bribery, extortion, spying and blackmail are all in a days work for the Israeli's. Oh, I forgot murder, asasination, and continual propaganda.
Of course if we just cut off their military funding peace would break out and we don't want that, do we?
Yep, peace will break out for about 1 week after they kill all the evil Jews, and before they start killing each other.