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    SoDesuKa Donating Member (1000+ posts) Mon May-23-11 11:21 PM
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    Why Obama is Kicking Ass

    Obama is kicking ass because the Democratic Party simply has a better handle on political reality these days. Democratic ideas are actually vetted; they aren't simply kicked from think tanks to legislators the way Republican ideas are. Obama plays what he calls the long game which is to say he sees opportunities before they reach popular consciousness. That's why some pundits are accusing Obama of ensnaring the Republicans in the Ryan budget trap.

    Here's the argument:

    Did Obama sucker punch the GOP? By letting the Republicans go first, led recklessly into the breach by Paul Ryan, an Ayn Rand fan who could be counted on to go much further in abandoning the social welfare safety net than most Americans are willing to contemplate, Obama made room for the Democrats to launch a vicious counter-attack: Republicans want to cut taxes for the wealthy while reducing healthcare coverage for seniors. It's nasty and partisan, sure, but it also happens to be true. The battle lines for the 2012 election instantly snapped into place, and Republicans are suddenly fighting from a surprisingly weak position. If that was the plan all along, then maybe this Obama "long game" talk has some meat to it.

    Democrats are winning the current political chess games because their thinking is several moves ahead. Republicans are lazily awaiting the return of some Ronald Reagan figure, and they don't know what they're going to do if one doesn't appear. Did Obama lay a trap for them? No he didn't. If the Republicans hadn't run off all their intellectuals, they might have seen the Ryan budget disaster coming. Now they are stuck with a cast of characters that simply isn't up to speed. It serves them right.
    LOL. Only desperate leftists and irresponsible, me and my party first at the expense of the country Obama think that NOT PROPOSING OR PASSING a budget for 2 years = "sucker punch the GOP", and "kicking ass".

    Nasty and partisan....yea that's Obama and the Democrats. Nasty and partisan is more important than a balanced budget, jobs and a healthy economy. And it looks like people in their 20's are repudiating Obama left and right.
    LoZoccolo Donating Member (1000+ posts) Mon May-23-11 11:27 PM
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    1. Obama is a strategic genius. K&R. n/t
    Only in liberal land is not passing or seriously proposing a budget considered being a "strategic genius".
    juajen Donating Member (1000+ posts) Mon May-23-11 11:38 PM
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    3. He's also a very good speaker, had loads of charisma and a

    killer smile, not to mention his stunning wife and beautiful children. He's almost perfect. God, but I hate the almost.
    Yea, he's an empty suit so you have to qualify that with "almost".

    MadHound Donating Member (1000+ posts) Tue May-24-11 12:00 AM
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    7. Democrats may very well be "winning the current political chess games",

    But they, along with the 'Pugs, are losing badly when it comes to helping the people in this nation, in the world, and governing according to the wishes of the people.

    It isn't a game out here in reality where tens of millions of people are unemployed, where the middle class is eroding every single day, where we are involved in three illegal, immoral wars, with more waiting in the wings.

    This isn't a game, and the Dems had better damn well start acting like it isn't.
    Oh, but to Obama is appears to be just a game whereby he wants to "look good" and win whether that is good for our country or not.
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