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  1. #1 Hmph. NOW they're indignant about it 
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    Freddie Stubbs (1000+ posts) Tue May-24-11 10:11 AM
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    Study shows girls increasingly aborted in India
    Source: Associated Press

    NEW DELHI (AP) -- More and more Indian families with one girl are aborting subsequent pregnancies when prenatal tests show another female is on the way, according to a new study published Tuesday.

    The decline in the number of girls is more pronounced in richer and better educated households, according to research in the medical journal Lancet.

    Those numbers show that a 1996 law that bans testing for the gender of a fetus has been largely ineffective, the study said.

    In India, there is a huge cultural preference for boys in large part because of the enormous expense in marrying off girls and paying elaborate dowries. Officials have acknowledged that current laws have proved inadequate at combatting the widening sex ratio gap.


    The joke will be on them in 20 years when their sons will be unable to find wives.
    Well, well, well. It's just a fetus, right? Just some clump of cells. Who cares?

    grahamhgreen (1000+ posts) Tue May-24-11 10:31 AM
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    1. They should not be having more than one child
    Until they can feed all thir children
    Well, OK.
    livefreest (378 posts) Tue May-24-11 10:46 AM
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    2. holy sh**.
    Yeah. Funny how you don't feel that way when it's Black babies in the US.
    leftyladyfrommo (1000+ posts) Tue May-24-11 10:52 AM
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    3. It's really a form of genocide.
    But it catches up with them when there are no women for the men to marry. Look at the black market for brides in China?
    Well, no, it's just a clump of cells, remember? It's not killing, so it can't be genocide.
    cosmicone (1000+ posts) Tue May-24-11 10:54 AM
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    4. This is really a disgrace and stronger measures are warranted.
    It is primarily a North Indian phenomenon and in some communities, it is already hard for boys to find a girl.

    This has created a reverse dowry -- where the boys have to give an exorbitant dowry to marry a girl. Those economic forces will eventually stop this madness. Until then, confiscatory penalties are called for.
    Why would stronger measures be warranted? It's just a clump of cells, after all.

    And just what are you going to confiscate? Someone aborts their baby girl, and the state comes along and takes her big-brother-to-be away?
    Freddie Stubbs (1000+ posts) Tue May-24-11 11:04 AM
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    6. It shouldn't be the woman choice?
    Ruh roh.
    Odin2005 (1000+ posts) Tue May-24-11 10:58 AM
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    5. Good God!

    Why so mad? It's just a clump of cells, right?
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