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  1. #1 Former Presidential Candidate John Edwards Faces Indictment for Campaign Violations 
    Former Presidential Candidate John Edwards Faces Indictment for Campaign Violations

    Published May 25, 2011


    WASHINGTON -- Prosecutors can seek an indictment against former North Carolina Senator and two-time Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards for allegedly using campaign donations to cover up an extra-marital affair and love child, ABC News reported late Tuesday.

    The network, citing sources, said the Department of Justice has given the go-ahead for Edwards to be prosecuted and the former politician has been informed of the development.

    Edwards may now accept a plea deal or face trial.

    Edwards, 57, has been the target of a lengthy federal grand jury investigation into allegations of campaign violations related to his relationship with mistress Rielle Hunter.

    As Edwards made his second run for the White House, he began an affair with Hunter -- an aide who worked as a videographer on his campaign -- that was uncovered by the National Enquirer in late 2007.

    Edwards finally admitted to the affair in August 2008, having initially denied that he was the father of Hunter's daughter Frances Quinn Hunter, who was born in February 2008.

    The allegations in the federal investigation concern more than $1 million that was used to hide Hunter from public view.

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