lbrtbell Donating Member (866 posts) Mon May-30-11 04:53 PM
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I annoyed a Rush Limbaugh listener today

My neighbor has a tendency to blare his radio while he's working outside, which annoys me because I can even hear it inside our house.

So today, I go out to do some yard work, and there he is, blaring the radio again.

Rush Limbaugh was on.

I was literally able to anticipate, word-for-word, one caller's comment, because it was a typical talking point about Obama trying to take credit for killing Bin Laden. Then the fat blowhard spewed some crap about "Democrats don't WANT to kill terrorists." Not one word about Memorial Day, or honoring the troops. Of course, what would he know about this, having got out of the draft with the pus-filled boil on his ass....

I was so annoyed, I said to myself, fuck this shit.

So I proceeded to start mowing the lawn right near this guy and his radio. A neighbor across the street, seeing me do this, started mowing, as well. We were soon joined by a third (Republicans can't seem to think of stuff on their own, even yard care.) Soon, there's a cacophony of lawnmowers running around this guy and his radio.

As I mowed, I smiled at the delicious irony of Rush Limbaugh being drowned out by a "feminazi" like me, who started the whole racket by firing up my environmentally-friendly electric lawnmower.
So let me get this straight. She's proud that in mowing her lawn she can drown out Rush Limbaugh. And she's sure that the others mowing their lawn (Republicans) (on a holiday so more people were off work) were doing it only because she started it.

Rush Limbaugh ALWAYS takes memorial day off so this was only a best of rebroadcast. So no, he'd never have what would be considered a traditional "Memorial Day" broadcast.

Oh, and did you get it that she has a "environmentally-friendly electric lawnmower" so she can cut off the criticism from the environmental-whackos.
ProudToBeBlueInRhody Donating Member (1000+ posts) Mon May-30-11 04:57 PM
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1. There's only one episode of Rush's show I want to hear

The one where he clutches his chest, spits up blood, and dies on air.

Yeah, I said it, and I'm serious. And once he drops dead, people like your neighbor won't have someone to tell them how to think.
TheCowsCameHome (1000+ posts) Mon May-30-11 04:59 PM
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4. It was probably a rerun, the OxyPig ever misses taking a holiday off.

Good for you, anyway. A pissed off conservative neighbor is to be enjoyed.
What "pissed off conservative"? There is no indication that the neighbor is "pissed off", the proud DUer only imagines that he is.